Tuesday, February 5, 2008

e-Harmony, e-Shmarmony!

So, it seems that the online matchmaking website, e-Harmony, is not really so down with the gays. Because the world is apparently only full of hetero's lookin' for luv, (of course, that's because gay people aren't really capable of love, are they? No, it's only about the sex for us perverts, so no need to think about including us in your little club) e-Harmony doesn't allow it's members to search for someone of the same sex. Since I haven't needed a date in over a decade now (I've got someone on permanent retainer, don't ya know ;-), I've just heard about this little exclusion over at e-Harmony.

Anyway, I saw this ad on YouTube for an e-Harmony competitor, Chemistry.com that I thought was just so cool! OF COURSE, I had to share it.

If there are any str8 people who wind up reading this & if you're still searching for your someone special, and if you ARE down with gays & equality & basic human respect, do me a favor & pass right by the other guys for Chemistry.com (or some place similar that allows people like me to be a member). I cannot vouch for this website (or any other, of course), but, as far as I'm concerned, if they like (people like) me, then they can't be ALL bad, right??!?!

Please take a look at one of Chemistry.com's gay-themed commercials:

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