Monday, March 3, 2008

Luke & Noah Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (NOT)!

So Luke & Noah are apparently this young same-sex couple on the daytime drama, "As The World Turns". They appear to be a nice, loving couple (well, as nice & loving as any couple can be on daytime TV, I guess) but it seems the boys haven't been seen kissing since September! They got close apparently, but, in an episode that aired during this past Christmas season, when it looked like they were perilously close to "doing the deed," the camera panned up to the mistletoe instead, leaving the rest up to our imaginations! What's that about? If they had been a young opposite sex couple in Soap-land, they'd have done more than kiss, I'd wager!

According to CNN (, it seems like ATWT's fans are engaging in a letter-writing protest! They aren't complaining about the fact that the CBS soap is addressing such a story line, though. NO! They are complaining because it's been nearly 6 months since the two young men have shared an on-screen kiss...and the fans want MORE! How truly delightful!!

I don't watch soaps (anymore) and I don't know anything about the couple, but the fact that the Soap Opera Powers That Be can't see fit to find a even a few moments to indulge the "voyeuristic intentions" of their audience and Let My People Kiss is just a little suspicious-sounding to me! Considering the need to keep things heated up in order to hook the fans into watching day after day after day, men & women kissing is pretty tame stuff in soap operas, but when the two people locking lips are of the same-sex, it appears that, in this case, ATWT has a bad case of cold feet! As Mrs. Slocumbe would say in Are You Being Served?: Weak as water! Anyway, I hope the fans keep fighting the good fight!

Of course, I may be a tad prejudiced, but I just don't think there's enough boys kissing boys on TV!

Here's a clip of the two young men in question in action (from August of 2007).

WARNING: If you fear that two guys kissing might severely offend your delicate sensibilities and/or make you light-headed, you may wish to pass on this clip. Otherwise, click away!!


figmentsmoon said...

Mr. C, my friend Joe in Chicago is a big fan of atwt, and has been dying for them to kiss...he has posted many blogs on this issue, you should them out if you get a chance.


~Deb said...

I remember on All My Children, when Bianca - Erica Kane's <-sp? daughter was a lesbian - I think that was the one... well there were really no "kissing scenes" - other than the fact that she was gay.

It's about time they showed reality.