Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ironman is da bomb!

All I can say is "F'ing cool! GO SEE IT! NOW!!!!!"

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Anonymous said...

I was suppose to go see it opening weekend and then my son had a change of plans and we still haven't gone. I hope to maybe see it tonight.

Did you see my post on Revolution concerning what we found on imbd concerning the Avengers movie coming in 2011?

I know they mentioned the Avengers at the end of Iron Man...then Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark is going to be in the Hulk movie (assuming he is coming to recruit the Hulk since he was an orignal member of the Avengers).

In 2010, there are planned movies for Thor and Ant Man (more Avengers) so it appears they are doing the individual movies to set up the Avengers movie!