Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans for Obama??

So, maybe, as the rabid Obama supporter that I am, I can't really convince you to vote for the junior senator from Illinois as the next President of the United States. Maybe it's hard for you to consider any of the arguments I make as a lifelong Democrat (who has been really dis-heartened & disappointed at my own party of these past 8 years when they've completely lost their backbones at a time when our country needed a STRONG loyal opposition) to support the candidate of the opposing party. Maybe all I say comes out as AUTOMATICALLY suspect when you're seeing things from a different point of view. That only makes sense, I guess.

I found this YouTube video of current mostly Republican voters who have said they are going to be voting for Obama this year. Each tells, from their own perspective, why they cannot abide voting for the candidate of the party to which they claim membership. Maybe--as I have been through the years--they've become disenchanted & disillusioned with the actions/inactions of a political party from who've they've expected so much more.

Seems, in listening to these people, that--as one of the participants in this video stated--whatever happens if Obama is elected cannot be worse then they've (actually, we've) endured these past long 8 painful years. Like me, the John McCain they see today is not the man he was in his real "maverick" years. He's given up so much ground & wasted the trust & good will of those who--even if they didn't support him--admired the man for his much-vaunted-and-sorely-missed "Straight Talk".

These conservatives in this video obviously cannot & will not waste their sacred vote on the shadow of man who really doesn't exist any more. They are tired of defending a party that has left them behind as that party loses its way & whatever used to be their moral bearings.

To paraphrase the Republican hero, Ronald Reagan, they didn't leave the Republican Party; the Republican Party left them.

Here's what they are saying about why they have decided to place their trust in a man who is as un-Republican as they are feeling forced to become:

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