Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hateful Liars or Lying Haters?

This time, the supporters of California's mean-spirited Proposition 8 are saying that Barack Obama actually supports their hateful message.

Read here on Vote No On 8's website about the Obama Campaign's response to this outrageous lie.

To me, it's this simple: a group of people willing to lie to the voters of the state of California about the threat that equal marriage rights for same-sex couples represents to the "sanctity" of heterosexual marriages has no compunction whatever in lying about the position of the presidential candidate they know will bring the most voters to the polls in the Golden State, Barack Obama.

These people know that they have misrepresented what Barack Obama and Joe Biden stand for & they know that, with the close race on Prop 8, even a bold-faced lie will take time to fight & they know that even if a relatively small number of people believe the lie, it may just create enough Pro-Prop-8-Pro-Obama voters (as oxymoronic as that may sound) in California to take them to magic number of 50% + 1.

If they'll lie to get it on the ballot in the first place, of course they'll like to push it over the top in the few remaining moments of election season.

This people are not just wrong, they're dishonest & they have no problem in doing whatever sleazy thing they think it takes to hitch their (hopefully) sinking ship to Senator Obama's rising star.

I hope the people of California finally see these phonies for what they are.

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