Sunday, November 2, 2008

"We're here to take away your rights..."

I am not a Mormon-hater, and I realize that there is good & bad in all religions, but the Latter-Day Saints have put up some BIG, BIG money in California to take rights away from people who are guilty only of simply following their hearts & loving another human being of the same gender so much, they want to create a government-sanctioned pact with one another promising to take care of & love each other. No matter the scare tactics the Yes-On-8 (or the Yes-On-2 supporters here in Florida) employ, here's their ugly bottom line:

Plain & simple: These people are committing their millions & their energy to stopping love.

You'd think they'd have something better to do as they seek God's heart.

Watch the video. It's truly disturbing...


Anonymous said...

It is truly disturbing how the separation of church and state no longer exists. All this boils down to is people who take the bible to heart, and yet they're the biggest sinners of all. They believe they are right, and in the eyes of "god" this is what is to be. People need to open their minds, and put the bible down...period! We are the United States of America, the land of freedom and opportunity! Why is this happening? Because for 8 years we have had a homophobic, religious freak in office. Whose main goal was to bring back the puritanical bull from the 1600's. The country needs to move forward, as other countries have, and realize we are equal no matter, race, creed, religion, and sexuality! Damn these people!!!! They've no right to tell any of us how to live, and who we are allowed to love. I am a heterosexual and have always supported rights for gays and lesbians. Just because you love someone of the same sex doesn't mean you're evil, or a pedophile. So what if someone is gay, they deserve just as much rights as everyone else!!

-Dr. Grimsby-

Anonymous said...

If I could vote no Prop. 8, I would. It's utterly wrong to deny people the right to happiness.