Thursday, January 15, 2009

Equal Marriage Rights = Civil Rights

There’s not necessarily a lot new in this pro-equal marriage rights post, titled Even Same-Sex Marriage Is A Basic Civil Right on The Huffington Post, but I am impressed that the author of the post, Menachem Rosensaft, is—among other things--a devout man of faith, who is a professor at the Cornell University Law School , Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project, and the son of two Nazi concentration camp survivors.

I think that, from a possibly semi-selfish point of view, hearing people of the Jewish faith (especially those, like Mr. Rosensaft, who have a direct link to the horrors of World War II) speak up & advocate for GLBT people helps to remind the world that all kinds of people have long been victims of ignorance & irrational fear. I think it also helps to remind that part of the world who—by circumstance—are more casual observers in the worldwide battle for human rights understand that what homosexual people seek & aspire to is not really any different than those lofty (and sometimes even not-so-lofty) ideals that spring eternal in the breast of any of the other members of the family, homo sapiens.

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