Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DADT's Days Numbered???

It just really does my heart good to see Democrats on Capitol Hill actively talking about gay rights in the midst of a presidential election season! To be sure, repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is an issue that apparently 3/4 of the nation agrees on now, so the Dems aren't exactly going out a limb for us, but with the problems of recruiting soldiers in the midst of an unpopular war & the sheer stupidity of kicking out highly-trained soldiers who refuse to lie about themselves, the Democrats obviously think this political fruit is ripe for the picking. Good for them (and us)!

Whatever the cause, I'm just glad to that we're all getting a chance to discuss the inanity of a policy that actively encourages secrets & lies.

It should be interesting to see & hear what those who actually still support the ban have to say at the hearing tomorrow. I'm sure that, where these fear-mongers are concerned, it'll be the same "homosexuals-are-a-demoralizing-threat-to-the-stability-of-a-cohesive-unit" argument that they have simply already done to death. Same old song, not even a new verse! I guess where these people are concerned, as it says in Ecclesiastes, there's just nothing new under the sun.

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