Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post (and a frequent commentator on Countdown with Keith Olbermann) wrote a column for the paper's website entitled Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told. In it, he reports on some of the testimony given by one of the biggest fans of the failed & unnecessary "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Just reading what Elaine Donnelly, who is founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness & who is fighting to keep DADT, made my blood boil! Watching her on the clips I've seen on YouTube only reinforces my indignation!

What Dana does, however, is explain that Donnelly's obvious homophobia & insistence on perpetrating the same old lines & the same old lies has actually helped in advancing our cause. Not that DADT will be repealed as long as Bush is in office or if his comrade-in-arms, John McCain wins in November, as McCain has said he sees no reason to scrap the program either. Senator Obama has made it clear, however, that he will work to kill the program as Commander-in-Chief.

Some video of Donnelly's interaction with an Iraqi-War-vet-turned-Congressman Patrick Murphy:

Some video of retired Staff Sergeant Eric Alva (the very first US soldier injured in Bush Jr.'s Iraq War & whom George Bush called a "hero"--before he knew Alva is gay). Alva, who is openly gay, says he risked his life & lost his leg to fight for freedoms that, ironically, he himself doesn't get to enjoy.


~Deb said...

Absolutely sad how people view us, especially confusing conduct with orientation. With the lesbians who attacked that girl---there have been tons of cases where people have been attacked by heterosexuals. He was absolutely right! Conduct does not indicate or mean orientation. The woman is an ignorant moron.


Time to take my antacid!


Mr. C said...

Ignorant. Really very good word to use for this woman. "Ignorant," however, is not all she is. Ms. Donnelly is also proud...proud of her ignorance. I assume that this woman knows how to read (though I would not assume THAT much about her), so she knows that there have been studies & polls &, as Rep. Murphy pointed out, actual instances (in at least 24 countries around the world) where gay, lesbian & bisexual service members are not asked to hide their orientation. One of the best examples--to me--is that one of the 24 countries is Israel! In a part in the world where their country is in the minority in almost every way & where self-defense on a national scale is their prime objective, homosexual soldiers serve openly & honorably, just like their heterosexual peers.

Unfortunately for those of us interested in GLBT equality, the ignorance displayed by people like Ms. Donnelly is ruling the day...for now. Polls show now that 3/4 of Americans support lifing this stupid, nonsensical ban.

Ms. Donnelly may enjoy the blinders she proudly wears where this issue is concerned, and the truth may be of little consequence to her & her ilk, but, as President John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

Not that our Ms. Donnelly has any working knowledge of such nasty little things as "facts" or "evidence".

She probably agrees with Stephen Colbert (he of The Colbert Report) when he lamented that "Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”


~Deb said...

It was interesting that she failed to answer his questions, which means implies the ol', "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" type of childish and ignorant behavior. Which brings me to another topic: BBC. Check out his response to us.


CP said...

Ooooh. This makes me snarl. Pray for change come November...

JORGE said...


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ankur said...

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