Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Homos Not Wanted in OUR Neighborhood

While looking through the video files of WFTV, I found this interesting bit of ugliness in Orange County. Obviously, an east Orange County home owners association doesn't think same-sex or unmarried couples can be families (or at least the RIGHT kind of families) & they will only allow the owners of the homes in their subdivision to rent to married opposite-sex couples.

The reporter interviews a couple of people for this story, but don't look for anyone who represents Rybolt's Reserve subdivision to actually defend or explain their position, they didn't bother to respond to requests for an interview. Maybe if the reporter had told the HOA had clarified that she was MARRIED to a man, they'd have gladly submitted to an interview.

The City of Orlando has an ordinance that prevents housing discrimination based on sexual orientation, but--alas--Orange County does not, so the homophobes operate with impunity!


~Deb said...

Is this Orange County in CA??? There are a few out there, so just curious. If it is out in CA, geez----you would think they would be a bit more open-minded.


Mr. C said...

This is Orange County, Florida, unfortunately, which is only about 418 years behind Orange County, California in real, live civilization. :-/