Sunday, January 27, 2008

Religion Kills

I doubt that anyone who knows me would call me "religious." As a matter of fact, considering how it was Religion that very nearly killed me, I can honestly say that I truly cannot abide Religion. That's why I always make a distinction between Religion and faith. They are not the same thing...not to me.

Religion is what "they" own.

Religion is what "they" use to fill "their" coffers.

Religion is the horrible weapon "they" wield when, as the good Christian Soldiers that they are, "they" seek to destroy the ungodly.

Religion is what "they" hide behind as "they" keep as many undesirables away from God as "they" can.

As my new t-shirt from Jay Bakker's Revolution Church states, "Religion Kills". Faith, to me, is the anti-Religion.

I take pride in the fact that I am not a religious person & that I do not usually wear my faith on my sleeve. I prefer to live my faith & to let it shine in the way I try to treat others. For me, faith speaks so much louder in actions than in words.

In a rare exception to the aforementioned sleeve-wearing policy & while in the midst of recalling my life since that day I gave my heart to God, I was reminded of a song I had heard a while back. Through the miracle of YouTube, I listened to it again today, after not having heard it for a while & it brought me to tears again.

I guess I needed a reminder.

What Sin?
by Morgan Cryar
From the album, Love Over Gold

It happened so long ago
And I cried out for mercy back then
I plead the blood of Jesus
Begged him to forgive my sin
But I still can't forget it
It just won't go away
So I wept again, "Lord wash my sin,"
But this is all He'd say


What sin, what sin?
Well that's as far away as the east is from the west
What sin, what sin?
It was gone the very minute you confessed
Buried in the sea of forgetfulness

The heaviest thing you'll carry
Is a load of guilt and shame
You were never meant to bear them
So let them go in Jesus name
Our God is slow to anger
Quick to forgive our sin
So let Him put them under the blood
Don't bring them up again
Cause He'll just say


Lord, please deliver me from my accusing memory
Nothing makes me weak this way,
Then when I hear you say


~Deb said...

In my opinion, the word religion is a negative way to say you believe in God. You have the most religious person sitting in church in the front pews like clockwork every single Sunday, and yet, the person who has more faith and prays at home, because their relationship with God is much stronger and closer will be the one with the ticket to heaven in their hand.

Religion gets people nowhere. A personal relationship with God will.

Some "Christians" and other people of different faiths don't understand that.

They understand rules and regulations - fine - but understand that God is merciful and came down to earth to experience all that we did. He knows what's in our hearts. He sees the struggles we face everyday because He's been there already.

I truly admire your strong faith and ability to see through the fog that blinds so many of our "religious people".

God bless Clarence - keep the positive messages flowing! I feel your light shining all the way here!!! :)

Mr. C said...


Thank you for your insight on this subject! Knowing where you come from (spiritually-speaking, of course), your point of view means so much to me.

Thank you, too, for describing my faith as "strong," but, to be honest, and with all due respect to your valued opinion, where Christianity is concerned & my experience in it thus far, "strong" is far from what I feel most times. As ungrateful as I hate that it may sound, I grow weary of knowing that God loves me even if most of His people don't.

I guess I'm just greedy in that respect. I so desperately want my family in Christ back, but I cannot & will not do what so many of them say I must do to achieve their acceptance: go back into the very closet that almost became my tomb & live the rest of my days as something I can never be.

I know you understand my dilemma, and I do try to remain as positive about it as possible, and your support means so much to me, so I don't mean to unload my "Religion" baggage onto you.

I know that God's love for me is no longer in doubt, but I still have a problem with constantly hearing so-called people of God tell those of us in the GLBT community that we will never be welcome in the Kingdom. The ugly pride of their "perfect" human understanding of God's perfect will is undeniable & they hold on to it as if it were pure gold.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that, at least for the here-and-now, this is the atmosphere in which I must foster the growth of my faith. As you know, the only thing that can fight the darkness is the light. I long ago gave up any interest in wasting my time cursing the darkness. In the absence of said interest, I reckon, with God's help & that of the angels (like you) that He graciously sends my way, I have to learn to stoke the flame on "this little light of mine".

Flame on!


Miss Britt said...

I don't think religion - as with most things - is inherently bad.

I think it's been abused and has led to very bad things.

But I don't think it makes the concept of religion itself bad.

My religion (I'm Catholic) has done very, very good things for me. It helps me with my faith.

~Deb said...

Clarence, you're basically saying that you're relying on other people's approval. Please know that GOD loves you - whether or not he she & the next person tells you otherwise. People are quick to judge, while dealing with the own crosses to bear.

Remember: God will never disappoint you - but people will. They're human and there are so many interpretations, versions and misunderstanding about the bible, which is why so many people come up with their own conclusions. Keep in mind, that a "personal relationship" with God is better than a vague relationship with people who tell you THEIR version of what it's like to be "a good religious person".

I totally understand it when you say that your faith isn't strong. And why should it if people make it so hard??? I've been there. But, through prayer, meditation and "listening" to God's word and reading the bible with an opened mind - where the words just GRAB me, I came to know God; to really listen to His word, not what other people had to say. It would be meaningless if I did so.


skyedance said...

it is not God who divides us. it is the people in the world that cause all the separation and sorrow in the world. I think we are equally holy and loved.

I miss you
I really have this need to give you a big hug.
Love you