Sunday, September 21, 2008

From the Sublime to the Unnecessarily Ridiculous

I know that, in this season of politics, most of my recent posts have been apropos to the quadrennial pursuit of the next political American Idol.

This morning, however, I have something a little less consequential burning a hole in my mental pocket, so please indulge me in a few moments of mostly-meaningless minutiae.

So, I drive up to the drive-thru of the nearby Einstein's Bagels this morning & ordered one of my usual Spicy Elmo on a Good Grains bagel (it's one of the highest-fiber bagels that Einstein has...makes the Elmo a little more least that's what I tell myself!) & a couple of other things.

When the woman who took my order rang it up & ran my credit card & handed me my receipt, it showed that she had charged me for a Santa Fe wrap. When I noticed this, I waved her back to the drive-thru window & explained that the receipt had the wrong item & I told her again what I wanted.

She looked at the receipt & then closed the drive-thru window, talked to the people making the morning's orders & came back to the window & what did she say???

(a) "I'm sorry!"? or,

(b) "We apologize for the mistake!"? or,

(c) "Don't worry, we'll get your order right out to you!"? or,


Answer: (d)

She didn't even try to feign even half-hearted contrition.

She said, "It's gonna cost you more!"

It's gonna cost you more?!?!?

Why would she think that matters??? When I made my order, I knew I was going to have to pay for what I got. Why would she think that paying as little as possible, even if the order was wrong, was what I wanted?!?!?

I told her that I didn't mind paying for what I ordered, and she took my card & shut the window again, while I sat wondering if she was gonna get my order right this time, and wondering why something so ostensibly simple had to be so difficult. I mean, it's not as if I asked her to split an atom, or perform a frontal lobotomy or even quote the value of pi to the 107th decimal point; I asked for a bagel sandwich.
I guess it's only Burger King that doesn't get upset with special orders.

Funny thing, she came back to the window in a couple of minutes & just said, "It costs the same," and handed me my order.

Not Thank You. Not Have A Good Day. Nothing, just handed me my order & shut the window again.

Truth be known, by the time I got my order, I was ready to leave as much as she was ready to have me leave, so I guess I didn't feel the need for a long good-bye either.

I guess a little inconvenience & a little indignation was what she really meant by "It's gonna cost you more!"

My Santa Fe Spicy Elmo on a Good Grains bagel was really good though.

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