Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"...the fundamentals of the economy are strong."


Maybe that's so if you have more houses than you can count, and if you believe that people earning $5 million a year are considered "Middle Class"t. John McCain is so clueless as to what's gone wrong lo these nearly 8 years to cause such a mess now & why the rest of us aren't as confident about the economy as he is, because it's been all a bed of roses for this millionaire Senator & his beer heiress wife. What's McCain's response to a crumbling economy? What would a McCain government do to fix the mess that he had such a big hand in creating??? John McCain wants to create another commission to study this for him for a good long time while the rest of us hold our breaths & hope the sky doesn't fall on us. He needs another commission to tell him what to do, because, to paraphrase the Sam Cooke song, he "don't know much about the economy...".

As Senator Obama basically said today,
we don't need no stinkin' commission...we know EXACTLY how we got here. Large corporations have had free reign for almost 8 years & they have played their little games & have made all the rules & have boosted CEO bottom lines big time at the expense of people who do the real work in this country because Uncle Dubya had no interest in making sure that the little guy & gal had even the slightest of protections. People like me & you don't earn enough to matter much to a cowboy president & his protégés John McCain & his soul mate, Sarah Palin.


Maverick47 said...

You ask what John McCain wants to do to fix the problem...

... but apparently, Barack Obama doesn't need to be asked. He'll just "lay hands" on the economy, and heal it, right?

Obama won't tell you specifics on his economic plan, because he DOESN'T HAVE ONE.

Why are you so biased and angry about this election?

Mr. C said...

I'm not REALLY all that angry. Just ready for something else. Ready for someone who isn't so hot-to-trot to bring on Act 3 of Dubya's same old Dog-and-Pony show. More of the McSame is just not an option for a lot of us.

And, if you're really, really interested in what Barack plans on doing about the economy, I hope you'll visit his website at http://www.barackobama.com/issues/economy/. Some good, detailed info there (but no mention of "laying of hands" as far as I can tell). While you're there, maybe you'll like what you see & you'll kick in a couple of bucks towards his campaign.

Obviously, you & I may not see things the same way, but I still thank you for your contribution!