Monday, September 8, 2008

Hope Vs. Nope

Pretty simple choice, don't you think??? Looks like an unscientific online MSNBC poll of over 24,000 respondents asking "Which team will be most effective in changing Washington politics?" shows exactly what I have always suspected.

Results (as of 6:35 pm today) are...



Latest Update (4:45 pm, 9/17)
Over 98,500 votes cast now & John has gained 0.7% points!
Obama 72.2%
McCain 27.8%


~Deb said...

I want to share what a reader of mine shared on my blog:

"...Gay marriage has advanced further along during the bush administration. Ask yourself how many states legalized gay marriage under Clinton during 8 years and how many under bush in 8 years. Feel secure that it will mean nothing against gays and lesbians rights if Mccain gets elected. My best friends are lesbians and they go nearly every weekend now to a lesbian or gay wedding. during the Clinton era, zero.

Obama has no credentials and has made no good choices ever. It isn't about his age, it's about the fact he has done nothing and has made no decisions on anything."

Maverick47 said...

So, in order to promote the election of Obama, you use... a poster of him that imitates the Marxist/Communist Russian progaganda posters of the early & mid 20th Century?

That doesn't really help your cause, does it?

Mr. C said...

When you think about it, anyone who actually thinks that "Marxist/Communist Russian progaganda posters" are being used to support Barack Obama isn't probably considering voting for him anyway. So, no harm, no foul.

Besides, I just like the idea of the contrast of "Hope" with the idea of "Nope".

It made me giggle!

It's also kinda psychodelic, isn't it?? :-)