Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is news???

I never had a moment's doubt. I really do not like to encourage American Idol AT ALL, and I've never really found time to deal with such a public closet case as our Mr. Aiken. Before now, every time I saw him I thought, "Why are you--an ostensibly public figure--working so hard to hide yourself?" I guess everyone has their own timeline & their own voyage to make in their lives, but every time I saw him, I thought about my own life in hiding, so it was kinda difficult to watch. I do feel the need, however, to give Clay his due: he was EXACTLY right when he said, "I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things." So true.

Welcome to the truth, Mr. Aiken. Life is never easy, but it's infinitely more bearable when you don't have to pretend to be something & someone you're not.


~Deb said...

I guess we've all been there: in the dreaded closet. For some, it's easier and for others, especially being in the public eye, it has to be anxiety-stricken more so because of the fame and publicity of it all. I'm glad he did come out finally, but it was "known"... It's up to each individual with their timing of coming out.

Mr. C said...

As usual, Deb, you are so right. We have ALL been there! I couldn't bear to watch Clay because his sexual orientation was never really in doubt for me. I guess, in a sad way, he reminded me of myself. I would never have wanted him to be outed against his will, and I am certainly no one to tell someone else how to live his life, but it is just good to know that Clay Aiken (of whom I am still not a fan on musical grounds) is, as my Baptist preacher used to say, "getting his life right" in time to be an honorable & honest father.

Thank you, again, for gracing my blogspot once more!! :-)